Shad Thames Community Support Group

Shad Thames Community Support Group
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A Note From the STRA Core Group

**Update 20 March 2020**


We have made donations to three organisations in our wider SE1 Community.  See here for details.




Dear Neighbours:


In these uncertain times, it is important that we find ways to support one another and look out for those amongst us who may be in need of help. 


In the coming days, STRA will remain in touch with our counsellors and will pass on any information we receive from them and the Council. 


We have also collected some links that may prove helpful to those who are looking for more information about the local response to COVID-19 or want to find ways to help:


Southwark Mutual Aid Facebook Group:


North Bermondsey Ward WhatsApp support group:  


Southwark Council website:


Southwark’s coronavirus guidance, including useful links to other UK government and NHS web resources:


As we all adjust to a new reality, this is a good time to check in with any neighbours you think might be in need of assistance. 


Finally, If you would like to be in touch with us, please find us on Twitter (@ShadThamesRA) or at our shared Facebook page (, or reach out via email ( 



The STRA Core Group

Football Village, Potters Fields Park Euro 2020

Potters Fields Park is going to host a 'Football Village' during Euro 2020.  See the letter opposite.


The GLA (organisers) will be hosting an engagement meeting for local businesses and residents at City Hall Tuesday, January 14th at 7p.m.

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Filming on Shad Thames - Friday 22 November

All filming in Southwark is arranged through a company called FilmFixer, acting on behalf of the Council -


FilmFixer work with the Council and liaise with local residents.  They apply to a set of guidelines when agreeing filming. 


During the recent large-scale filming on Shad Thames a number of issues arose during the day and evening that impacted negatively on residents.  This has resulted in the need to review filming guidelines to safeguard residents interests  during any future filming in the area.  STRA will work with FilmFixer, local Councillors and residents during this review and consult with network members.


Tower Bridge Court Planning Application - Residents' Meeting


Planning permission has now been approved.  Jan 2020

A meeting took place  on 12 September with our local Councillor to discuss the planning application for Tower Bridge Court.


A note of the meeting is in the document opposite. 

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What to do with a noise complaint

If you are troubled by noise

nuisance, the document opposite gives some advice from our local Councillors.


In addition it always helps to log your issue with STRA - just click here for more details.

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Facebook Group - 'Our Shad Thames'

Join our Facebook page, Our Shad Thames, to join in the conversation and see up to date news and comments -

Reporting anti-social behaviour


In order for the Police to have an accurate picture of anti-social behaviour in our local area, please use the link below for reporting anything you see:

Helicopter noise

At the STRA AGM a question was asked about what can be done about helicopter noise in the area.


Anood, our local Councillor, contacted Caroline Pidgeon at the GLA, and received the following reply.  Anood will follow up in the New Year.


You will see from the links below that this is a problem that is receiving London-wide attention.
"Caroline will indeed ask some Mayoral Questions in the New Year, however in the meantime I thought this information from her website might be useful.
Caroline also asked a couple of written Mayoral Questions back in September.   I thought they might be useful.
I also enclose a written Parliamentary Question asked by Tom Brake: "
Mark Morris
Office of Caroline Pidgeon AM
Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member
City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA
Tel: 020 7983 4336
Mob: 07917214788
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