Shad Thames Update as at 24.06.20


Business Network Feasibility Study


We have been discussing this project for more than a year and had been planning to move forward in April.  Unfortunately the pandemic stopped progress but we are hoping to get things moving from September.


By way of reminder this initiative will explore a possible business network within the Shad Thames area.  The aim would be to improve Shad Thames for all stakeholders, whether commercial or residential, by providing a forum to deal with wider issues such as healthy streets, environmental sustainability and (particularly important these days) a successful local economy.


Butlers Wharf Riverside Trust


Please find below an update from Emma Sanderson-Nash as of 22 June.



BWRT are delighted to have been successful in their application to the Council’s Cleaner Greener Safer fund,  enabling us to progress plans to launch a design competition with New London Architecture and participate in the London Festival of Architecture.  The first stage of the competition will be for an Open Call to architects, landscape architects, designers and artists to come forward, and then the judges will draw up a shortlist of 6. These 6 will be invited to bring forward design proposals which we will share for consultation with our community before picking a winner.  We expect to launch the competition in the next few days and to share the shortlisted designs sometime in September. 

In the meantime delivering the outcome of our competition rests heavily on resolving the ownership, rights and responsibilities conundrum that has overshadowed this project for so long. Please remember to feed back your comments on the current situation and management of the site by Petchey Holdings to Kathleen Ehrlich at



Conran offices, 22 Shad Thames


As some of you may be aware, Conran are planning to leave their offices at 22 Shad Thames by the end of the year.  I will be trying to make contact with the new freeholders to find out their plans.  If anyone has any information about this sale, please could you let me know.


Courage Yard


Several of the retail outlets  in Courage Yard are already open and no doubt more will be opening soon.  If you would like to be kept updated about developments there, you can sign up to their newsletter at  You can also request a Courage Card which gives discounts at various places in and near Shad Thames.


Many of you will have noticed that an ad hoc shelf for swapping books and DVDs has been set up at the entrance to the old Bengal Clipper restaurant on Shad Thames.  I had previously been discussing with Courage Yard whether they could install something similar in their space and they had been looking into it.  Unfortunately the position has been complicated by the need to make sure anything set up is Covid-secure.  Thanks to them in any event for looking for ways that they may be able to help.




Below is a message from Shivani Mawji and Jay Patel dated 23 June, with good news about the reopening of Legare, Cardamom Building, 31G Shad Thames from 4 July.



In terms of our update, we are going to be offering something for both members of the community excited to dine out again and also those that would prefer a dining experience at home.


Legare will be opening on Saturday 4th July, offering four-course dinner boxes with a weekly changing menu, as well as individual dishes to be finished off at home and of course, our selection of natural wines. All of these can be collected from Legare or delivered for a small fee. You will be able to order via our website or by emailing  


We’re awaiting details on the Government’s restaurant reopening procedures before confirming but are optimistic that we will also be open to eat-in diners (albeit with a reduced capacity to allow a 1m+ distance) from 4th July too. Watch this space!



Shad Thames Pumping Station


Below is an update from Liz Sale, who continues to be the contact for this project.



Shad Thames Pumping Station project – progress report as at 19 June 2020


1.     The new sewer pipework is now in place, having been delivered from Germany despite many delays due to the pandemic.  It has been pressure-tested and will, over the next week have an electric earthing connection installed.


2.     A new ventilation system is to be fitted inside the pumping station.  This is currently being designed and is not expected until mid-July.


3.     Pump 6 was successfully removed for repair and restoration and is expected back in August.


4.     The stainless steel wet well cover is being designed in France but will be manufactured in the UK.  This is not expected on site until August at the earliest.


5.     Construction work on the wet well in the pumping station is likely to continue until autumn.  Final electrical and commissioning work inside the pumping station will follow completion of construction work.



St Saviours Dock Footbridge


Please find below an update from Tony Davis who is leading on this project at Southwark Council.



The recent works were undertaken in order to attempt to address the operational issues in the ‘swing open’ operation. The contractor has considered the replacement of the installed motor, however, the constraints of the size of conical section has restricted the choices available, which will provide a ‘reliable’ operation. Testing of the operation has revealed that the installed motor may be utilised, but modifications are necessary to ensure the motor is not ‘strained’.


We undertook the modifications  on the 9th and 10th June, and tested the operation. The


results of the recent activity does indicate that there are  major hurdles to be addressed with the bridge configuration and the provision of the ‘swing open’ operation, which will enable the dock to be used regularly for ‘mooring’. These results have also shown that until the resolution of the ‘swing operation’, the scaffold platform will remain in place.


I do understand that this is ‘disappointing’ news, however, the complexities of the bridge can only be addressed through a steady ‘investigation’ and ‘implementation’ methodology. This will ensure that the final solution is robust to endure for 25 years plus.


I am happy to discuss any further aspects,


Yours sincerely,


Tony Davis



Tel : 0207 525 5021. M: 07599545757





Streets Project


Discussions about improvements to make the Shad Thames area safer, greener and more accessible have been on-going for many years and we have been able to hold several virtual meetings since the lockdown at the end of March. The Project is being implemented in three phases with Phase 1 (comprising improvements at the junction of Queen Elizabeth Street and Shad Thames) having been completed in the summer of 2019. The Council is aiming to implement Phase 2 over the winter of 2020/21 and this will involve the removal of bollards on Shad Thames and Horselydown Lane which have been identified as unnecessary and also improvements at the junction of Horselydown Lane and Queen Elizabeth Street.  Additional proposals comprising Phase 3 will be put out for consultation in the next few months.


As part of this initiative, we are working with the Council to upgrade the street lighting in the Shad Thames area. This will involve installing new energy efficient LED lighting and replacing old/damaged columns.  We will of course ensure that all lighting and columns are appropriate for our conservation area status.


The Streets Project group is chaired by Anood Al-Samerai who also leads on issues around parking.  If you have any query, please contact Anood on


TBC (Tower Bridge Court, 224-226 Tower Bridge Road/Horselydown Lane)


Below is an update as of 24 June.



TBC (Tower Bridge Court, 224-226 Tower Bridge Road/Horselydown Lane)


Plans to transform TBC (Tower Bridge Court) into one of London’s healthiest and most sustainable workplaces were given the go ahead earlier this year. See for more details about these plans.


The investors FORE partnership and the developers Landid are now planning the construction programme and are hoping to have their contractor starting on site by the end of July. The project team is keen to minimise any possible disruption to the local community during construction, and is putting together a TBC Community Liaison Group comprising a cross section of Shad Thames residents and business owners which will initially be chaired by local councillor Hamish McCallum.


If you have any queries about this project, please contact Chris Hiatt on



The Circle - amendment to Roof Extension planning permission


Anood Al-Samerai and residents have been in correspondence with planners at Southwark Council about requested changes to the planning permission already granted to build a roof extension at The Circle. A large number of objections relating to privacy had been submitted by residents but, despite this, the changes have been approved. As a result, some of the residents have requested further information about how the decision was made.  If you would like to know more, please contact Anood at


The Watch House – appeal on Council enforcement notice


As per the report from Anood at our meeting on 9 March, The Watch House has appealed against the Enforcement Notice by Southwark Council which means that a decision will now be made by the Planning Inspectorate. We have not been advised that a date for the appeal has yet been fixed. For further information please contact Anood at