Bike riders in Potters Fields Park


Please see attached the joint communication that has come out of the recent meeting convened by Southwark Council concerning the ‘Boys on Bikes’ and their anti-social behaviour in the local area, including Potters Fields Park and the surrounding estate.


Bike riders in Potters Fields Park/ More London
2017-10 Boys on Bikes - FINAL - Joint Co
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Have your say on the Shad Thames Area Improvements Consultation

Consultation is now open on Southwark Council’s Shad Thames Area Improvements plan (closes 20 Nov 2017).  The latter has been the subject of much local discussion and involvement over the last two years, and the Council have now formalised all this work into the proposals.


For an opportunity to discuss plans with council officers, a drop-in session is being held in Anderson Rose, 31F Shad Thames, London SE1 2YR on Thursday 9th November 2017 from 5.30pm to 8pm. Also follow the links below to find out more.

Shad Thames Improvement Scheme - Consultation

STRA has not currently taken any formal position on either proposal, as there are many differing views on the relative merits of each of the suggestions.

We therefore strongly urge you make your own voice heard via the consultation processes.

Have your say on Cycle Superhighway Route 4 from Tower Bridge to Greenwich


Consultation closes 19 November 2017


TfL want your views on proposals to transform roads in Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, Deptford and Greenwich to make cycling and walking easier, safer and more appealing.


Full details are here.


Cycle Superhighway 4 (CS4) would provide a continuous segregated cycle route between Tower Bridge and Greenwich, along with new pedestrian crossings, improved public spaces and a host of other improvements aimed at creating a more attractive environment for all users and accommodating the area’s future growth. This consultation does not include proposals for Lower Road, which will be consulted on at a later date (find out more).


CS4 would form part of London’s expanding network of Cycle Superhighways, an important part of the Mayor’s draft Transport Strategy and Healthy Streets Approach, which aim to encourage walking, cycling and public transport, making London greener, healthier and more pleasant.


July Update


 Here is an update from our local Liberal Democrat Councillors on key issues we have been working with them on in the area:


On 17 Jul 2017, at 15:41, Riverside Liberal Democrats wrote:


Cleaning Success


A few years ago we agreed a partnership with the council, local councillors and the Shad Thames Residents’ Association (STRA) to contribute towards extra cleaning in the area at weekends. Local Councillors contributed local Cleaner, Greener, Safer funding and STRA contributed from filming company donations. The council had been topping up the budget, but recently decided it would no longer do so. Local Councillors were outraged by this as Shad Thames has many visitors from all over the world and the council should pay its fair contribution towards the extra cleaning which this necessitates. We have now met with senior officers and the council has agreed to continue to pay towards the extra cleaning. We are also looking at investing in mechanical suction cleaning equipment as this would make the area, particularly the cobbles, even cleaner.


Licensing issues


You may remember our campaign to change the designation of Shad Thames from the London Bridge zone (where nightclubs are acceptable) to a more residential category. The council has now accepted all our formal evidence and will be making a decision in the Autumn. We will attend the Licensing Committee to make the case in person and we will keep you informed of our progress.


Shad Thames Streets Project


A huge amount of work has gone into looking at the different options for improving road safety, noise and the public realm in Shad Thames. The council is almost ready to go to a formal consultation, but has had to look closely at the effects of any changes to traffic management. There are many good ideas including greening, restrictions on loading/unloading hours and widths, consolidation of deliveries to businesses, parking restrictions for non residents, wider pavements and one way systems. The council will consult on all these options, but implementing them will be phased in order to monitor the impact closely.


Security concerns


We have been working closely with the local police following the London Bridge terror attacks and the large groups of young people on bicycles meeting near Potters’ Fields. We very much understand the concerns of local residents and have specifically asked the police to keep their visibility high in the area and to continue to work with local businesses.


St Saviours Dock Footbridge


We continue to press the council to look at refurbishment options as opposed to replacing this special part of our local heritage. Detailed modelling of the options has taken place and we continue to fighting this battle of the bridge!


Helicopter noise


We have noticed more complaints about this in recent years and are liaising with the council, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Greater London Assembly to see what can be done. If you notice this problem then please do let us know as it helps us to make the case if residents have expressed concerns.


We will keep fighting for our community so please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any other local issues which you would like us to look into.


Best wishes,

Anood, Eliza and Hamish


Councillors Anood Al-Samerai, Eliza Mann and Hamish McCallum

Liberal Democrat Councillors for Riverside Ward


Helicopter noise

At the STRA AGM a question was asked about what can be done about helicopter noise in the area.


Anood, our local Councillor, contacted Caroline Pidgeon at the GLA, and received the following reply.  Anood will follow up in the New Year.


You will see from the links below that this is a problem that is receiving London-wide attention.
"Caroline will indeed ask some Mayoral Questions in the New Year, however in the meantime I thought this information from her website might be useful.
Caroline also asked a couple of written Mayoral Questions back in September.   I thought they might be useful.
I also enclose a written Parliamentary Question asked by Tom Brake: "
Mark Morris
Office of Caroline Pidgeon AM
Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member
City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA
Tel: 020 7983 4336
Mob: 07917214788
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Tower Bridge Magistrates Court - Community Information Sessions


Work on the Magistrates Court hotel site has started and McAleer & Rushe have been appointed the principal contractors.  They have organised drop-in  sessions on the last Wednesday of each month.

Location - Tower Bridge Meeting Room. (come to main entrance door of TBMC, we will meet you and direct accordingly).


McA&R Site Manager: Stephen Harrison:  E: M: 07436 812 019
Paul Murray | Project Manager:

Victory for our community against Tesco

Below is an email from Anood Al-Samerai, one of our local councillors.



5 Jul 2016, at 12:48, Al-Samerai, Anood <> wrote:

"Your Liberal Democrat Councillors understand how anxious local residents have been about the impact for road safety, noise and character in our area since a new Tesco was first proposed, two years ago. We are delighted to confirm that, working together as a community, we have been able to stop this happening. Tesco have withdrawn their planned supermarket and the site on the corner of Curlew Street and Queen Elizabeth Street will now be offices.
When the plan was first announced we met with Tesco to understand the details of the proposal and to express our concerns about the impact. We carried out a survey of residents and received 400 responses, 80% of which were against the plans. We shared the main concern that our local streets are simply too narrow for a large supermarket and we already have too many problems with large vehicles and noise. Liberal Democrat Councillors vigorously fought the corner of residents at the Planning Committee, speaking on their behalf. Frustratingly, Labour and Conservative Councillors voted in favour of Tesco and we, alongside the community, were extremely disappointed and frustrated with the planning process. Sir Simon Hughes wrote to Tesco’s Chief Executive after the planning permission was granted in April 2015 to ask them to re-consider, but they were unwilling to do so.
However, as well as planning permission, Tesco also had to secure a servicing and delivery plan, which involved a new loading bay. Liberal Democrat Councillors have, therefore, spent many months going back and forth with the council and holding off the final decision as we were not satisfied that the supermarket could be safely serviced. Ward councillors were determined to make sure that any vehicles used by Tesco were smaller than their original proposal of over 8m (the size of a double decker bus) and that their hours of operation were limited to protect residents against noise and increased road safety problems in peak hours. We met with council officers from Highways and Enforcement on a number of occasions, researched width, weight and length restrictions in different councils, found out about all the different types of parking bays which could be implemented during alternative hours, persuaded the Community Council to defer the decision, explored the impact on trees and existing parking bays and convinced council officers that the measures which we were proposing could be enforced.
Tesco has not given a formal reason for withdrawing at this point but it is clear that they did not expect the process of agreeing a loading bay to take so long or to have so many restrictions applied. We believe that the outcome is far better for the community and are delighted to have argued so effectively on behalf of residents at the council. We are also very grateful to the individual residents who worked with us throughout this process and to the Shad Thames Residents Association and to the Shad Thames Area Management Plan for their constructive input and discussion at various meetings. 
The Tesco battle does highlight wider ongoing issues in Shad Thames related to noise, road safety, parking, bollards and signage. About a year ago, ward councillors persuaded the council to look at this ‘bigger picture’ and consider different options about how we can improve the situation, particularly as Shad Thames is a historic conservation area. The council has been working on this ‘Streets Project’ and will be producing options for public consultation from September. We are privileged to be elected to fight your corner at the council and we will continue to work with the council, residents and businesses to make our area even better. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever require our assistance or advice and thank you for your support during this campaign."
Best wishes,
Anood, Eliza and Hamish

Councillors Anood Al-Samerai, Eliza Mann and Hamish McCallum

London Bridge/ Tooley Street road works


Full details of all upcoming works related to the Thameslink Programme are here.


Changes to Tooley Street

As you are aware, we will start work on the new station entrances on Tooley Street on 30 April 2016 and from August 2016 we will begin to rebuild platforms 1 to 3. As our work moves across to the other side of the station we will need to access our work site from Tooley Street. To do this, we need to make changes to the road. These changes have been agreed with the London Borough of Southwark and Transport for London.

From Tuesday, 3 May 2016 until 2018

  • Tooley Street closes to eastbound traffic from Borough High Street to Bermondsey Street. Westbound traffic will travel in the eastbound lane.
  • The southern footpath on the station side of the road will be closed from Cottons Bridge to Bermondsey Street.
  • Cyclists will be able to travel in both directions on Tooley Street: westbound with the traffic and eastbound in a segregated lane.
  • For more information please visit

For more information about the Thameslink Programme please visit or follow us @TLProgramme.

Shad Thames Trail


You can download a copy of the self-guided Shad Thames Trail here.

UPDATE: Reduced Water Pressure in Shad Thames


9 March 2016

Dear all,

Following their conversations and meeting with Liberal Democrat Ward Councillors, Thames Water have been carrying out a large number of surveys across Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. And they have finally accepted that their reduction in water pressure has had an unreasonable impact on local residents. So the good news is that they have turned the pressure up!

We very much hope that this has resolved the situation. We would, of course, be very keen to hear if anyone has any further problems as Thames Water promised us that they will visit anyone who does.

Your Liberal Democrat Councillors are here to fight your corner. Please do keep in touch about this, or any other local issue with which we can help.

Best wishes,

Councillor Anood Al-Samerai
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Riverside Ward
Leader, Southwark Liberal Democrat Council Group

020 7525 0137


Laura Edwards
Local and Regional Government Liaison

Dear Councillors,
Since our meeting we have investigated over 150 properties (over 270 in total) /buildings in the Rotherhithe area to understand the impact our network optimisation work has had on their water pressure. We have found that there has been a much greater impact than our plans originally indicated. As a result, we have reviewed and increased water pressure in the area.  We have been in touch with residents to notify them of this. We have also received feedback that residents have noticed the change and now have a much better water pressure.
We would like to apologise for the inconvenience  this has caused residents and also wanted to thank you for working with us on this matter.   We will continue to look at ways we can reduce leaks and bursts in the area, whilst maintaining a stable water supply for our residents. We will make sure we communicate in advance with the Council before we undertake any future network changes so we have a full understanding of the impacts.
I hope this update is useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information.

D & D Restaurants - Butlers Wharf

There have been useful discussions with Sean Gavin, Senior General Manager at the D & D restaurants in Butlers Wharf (which include The Butlers Wharf Chop House, Le Pont de la Tour, Cantina del Ponte and Blueprint Café).

They have set up a contact email to enable local people to raise any issues about their restaurants directly. The email address is  and this should facilitate a quick resolution to any issues that arise.  They have also agreed Best Practice arrangements, details of which can be found opposite.

D&D Butlers Wharf Best Practice..docx
Microsoft Word Document 44.7 KB



The Vault (located under Tower Bridge) has been granted an extension to use its outside seating, but on a temporary 12 month basis.  

Vaults Planning Decision
TheVaults decision.20.01.16..pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 112.9 KB