Latest Update


STRA made a £1,000 donation to the Manna Society in November 2019.


STRA is the recipient of funds from the Southwark Film Office.  When filming takes place in the area, STRA regularly receives a voluntary donation.  These funds are then used for the benefit of the local community, according to the STRA Constitution and the Southwark Film Office guidelines.


To date we have made donations to:

  • The Manna Society
  • Picture Shad Thames competition
  • Update of Shad Thames Trail
  • Additional street cleaning at weekends and evenings
  • Shad Thames Green Wall Project
  • Big Lunch
  • Tower Bridge Primary School
  • Gainsford Street Nursery


Cleaner Shad Thames project

In  March 2019 STRA was again awarded  funding from Southwark Council's Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Neighbourhoods Fund 2019/20 for the Cleaner Shad Thames project.  This provides additional daily cleaning in specific locations, with focus on the area around Tower Bridge, and the areas below:

·         Shad Thames junction of Lafone Street, Pizza Express
·         Outside 59 Lafone Street by Virtus
·         Maguire Street, the Clove Building
·         Horselydown Lane, Anchor Tap public house
·         Lafone Street junction Gainsford Street, Dean Swift public house
·         Queen Elizabeth Street outside Circle food store
·         Queen Elizabeth Street outside Olive food store

This additional clean has made a noticeable difference.