What We Fund

STRA continue to support local charities, events and organisations.  Our donating is dependent upon the amount of donations we receive from Filmfixer for filming that takes place around Shad Thames.


In addition to our criteria set out in 2020 (below) we now also fund community events and activities.



Riverside Parents Association £1,000.00

Disasters Emergency Committee - Turkey & Syria Appeal £500.00



Disasters Emergency Committee - Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal £500.00

STRA Platinium Jubilee Fund £1,000.00

Compass School - Prize Giving Donation £100.00

Dockhead Garden Fund - Fire Brigade  £100.00

The Manna Centre £1,650.00

Southwark Foodbank £1,650.00

Fair Community Housing Services Ltd - Fun Day in St Johns Churchyard- Donation £1,000.00

Stop The Clove Building Extension £500.00

Cleaner Shad Thames project £1,500 (and £3,500 from the Neighbourhood Fund- see below)



Stop The Clove Building Extension £300.00

The Manna Centre £1,000.00

Southwark Foodbank £1,000.00

Cleaner Shad Thames project £1,500 (and £3,500 from the Neighbourhood Fund- see below)


Supporting our Local Community and Businesses during the Covid-19 crisis


STRA has now made a commitment of £4,000 to each to the local organisations below.  Each play a vital role in our wider community but are struggling in the current environment. Full details of their services and role in the community can be found on their websites.

We have also made a donation of £2,000 to

STRA Criteria for awarding funds

At our Core Group Meeting on 1 April 2020, we agreed the following criteria for making donations from your contributions to our funds:


Funds will be allocated across the following four main themes:

  • Vulnerable homeless people
  • Struggling families and single parents
  • Disadvantaged pupils and students
  • At risk community-based organisations
  1. Awardees must have a proven track record of delivering services and benefits to their recipients
  2. Funds will be made available in tranches of £1,000, and situations kept under close review
  3. A flexible and pragmatic approach will allow a rapid response to be made to local situations as they arise and change
  4. Liaison with local Councillors will help us to ensure your funds are allocated as needs dictate
  5. Awardees will be requested to provide a short report on the impact your funds have made to them – these reports will be published on the STRA website
  6. STRA network members are invited to suggest organisations and groups which would benefit from funding, and the STRA core group will ensure that each such proposal received is given serious consideration

Past funding

STRA is the recipient of funds from the Southwark Film Office.  When filming takes place in the area, STRA regularly receives a voluntary donation.  These funds are then used for the benefit of the local community, according to the STRA Constitution and the Southwark Film Office guidelines.


To date we have made donations to:

  • The Manna Society
  • Picture Shad Thames competition
  • Update of Shad Thames Trail
  • Additional street cleaning at weekends and evenings
  • Big Lunch
  • Tower Bridge Primary School
  • Gainsford Street Nursery


Cleaner Shad Thames project

In  March 2022 STRA was again awarded  £3,500 funding from Southwark Council's North Bermondsey Neighbourhoods Fund 2022/23 for the Cleaner Shad Thames project. In addition STRA top-up this sum with an additional £1,500.  This provides additional daily cleaning in specific locations, with focus on the area around Tower Bridge, and the areas below:


·         Shad Thames junction of Lafone Street, Pizza Express
·         Outside 59 Lafone Street by Rush
·         Maguire Street, the Clove Building
·         Horselydown Lane, Anchor Tap public house
·         Lafone Street junction Gainsford Street, Dean Swift public house
·         Queen Elizabeth Street outside Circle food store
·         Queen Elizabeth Street outside Olive food store

This additional clean has made a noticeable difference.